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Once upon a time, Civil Engineers and Surveyors relied on their trusty pencils, calculators and theodolites to design and survey.

In 1981, when computers and data loggers became more available, we created Survey Computing Consultants. Soon our customers were buying their own computers to run our Geocomp software and so we became Geocomp Systems.

Now we help our customers to survey and design with Windows software such as Trimble Terramodel, Agisoft PhotoScan and Photometrix iWitness.

We also develop add-ons for Terramodel, including our Geocomp Updates and HDMS for hydrography.

Our renowned Customer Care Membership for Terramodel includes our Geocomp Updates and support by phone and email.

To purchase any of these products, experience a demo, add more modules or join our Customer Care Members, please ask us how we can help you.

Geocomp Update M for Terramodel

Extend your Terramodel with hundreds or new and improved commands. Update your Terramodel to 10.61. Get support by phone and email for your Terramodel.

Paid-up Customer Care Member? Don't wait for an email: download now.

What's new?

Geocomp Update M was released in September 2018.

New and improved features include:

  • Update to M without changing your buttons, colours or function keys
  • Import your favourite buttons, colours and function keys
  • Import AutoCAD 2018 and 2019 .DWG and .DXF files
  • Isolate command and user-defined files from C:\Program files (x86)\
  • Support for MGA2020 and AusGeoid2020
  • Create a table from text in a .CSV file
  • Import Leica surveys generated by a stylesheet
  • Create a rotated and scaled pline box
  • Remove triangles from a DTM edge
  • Create a set following triangle sides or segments
  • Export to Google Earth with filled polygons
  • Display quick profile with rotate, shift and alignment modes
  • Compute shadows
  • Wrap multi-line text


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